Summertime. Prt.1

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jon.C in SB

i just took a quick glance at my recent posts and i noticed a horrible trend: they say absolutely nothing. horrible, right?!

well i think its time for that to change. its been awhile since i posted ANYTHING, let alone something with a purpose. so lets catch up:

The past month has been… hectic. between, school, work, trying to vacation, and a juvenile delinquent sibling, days- sometimes weeks- go by in a blur. so rather than go thru all of it chronologically, i’ll just deal with each category individually. yeah? ok…

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Asher Roth x Kanye West | videos

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First off… no. they are not in the same video. they do not have a song together… ok.

Asher puts up some dope visuals to go with his cut featuring Cee-Lo, off Asleep in the Bread Aisle [if you don’t have a copy… get one!]. this happens to be one of, if not THE best joint on the album, imo. and the video is up there as one of the best i’ve seen so far this year.

Kanye releases his [stunning] visuals for Amazing ft. Mr. Ad-lib aka Young Jeezy. after the jump.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ares v. Hercules

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took awhile… but i’m happy with the end result. although, in retrospect, i would have used Herc’s mace rather than his club. seem’s a bit more fair that way.

for those of  you who are aware of the “sibling” rivalry between the God of War and his half-brother, the Incredible Hercules, you all know that Herc manages to win every confrontation they have. well, personally, i dont exactly agree with that outcome. i mean… he’s the fuckin’ GOD of war, not the Really Strong Dude of war. so here is my scenario. and it ends with Zues calling for an end to the fight just as Ares is about to deliver the fatal blow.

but wait jon… isnt that usually how these things go?

not in my story… cuz badass Ares decides that pop isn’t runnin’ the show anymore… and lops off Herc’s head to prove it. of course, Zues willl ressurect his son, and most likely banish Ares from Olympus. like he cares. He here’s Norman Osbourn has need for a god on his Dark Avengers roster.

color version coming sonn, courtesy of Scott Havrisik.

Wild Things

•27 March 2009 • 1 Comment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Words cannot express how excited I am for this film. this was is will forever be one of my favorite stories. period.


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are finally done with. after i turn in this script at 6, this qrt will be officially over.

So, the past couple of nights have consisted of no sleep, lots of acrylics and gouache, and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. sprinkle in some Chazi, and some wonderful conversation and that was my finals week.

So i got 2 major peices done for my final projects. one in guache the other in greyscale markers. the latter was chosen by my instructor to be displayed in the student gallery here on campus next qrt. i dont have a digital camera, and forgot to check one out for that peice before i turned it in for the show. so i’ll get a picture when its finally posted in a few weeks.

as for right now, im headed off to my Creative Storytelling class [scriptwriting 101]… can i leave you with this tho?

Wax – An Evening at Home

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um… i this is dope. haha. seriously, this guys pretty fresh. imo.

Klassic Cypher – Prince Ea x Wax

•24 March 2009 • 1 Comment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

one of the hott Mc’s on the Klassic Cypher

so basically, you might have to listen to this a few times before you really catch it. but listen to him. he has valid points…

OH and this led to me listening to Wax for the first time. Oh… my… god… dope. why haven’t i heard of him up til now? hmmm… listen for yourself after the jump

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