the MoonLight Train

Yeah… so its been awhile… again.time to play catch up.

I went to Berkeley for a week during my 3 week summer break. never before have i enjoyed sleeping so much. of course the sole reason for my trip was the wonderful Chazi. she took me to SF, where we rode the ferry to Sausalito and toured the Dr. Suess art gallery, napped in the park under a crystal clear blue sky, and watched as the Bay area’s signature fog enveloped the island just as we were leaving.

the adventure continued at the Rose Garden with Casey the English major and Isa the “Film Studies major” [who i believe was a flower in her past life] as we blew bubbles, laid beneath big trees, doodled on benches with sidewalk chalk, and the conquered the Concrete Slide [Casey is nut-so for going down head first haha]. i was reminded that day that a clear blue sky viewed thru the breaks in the sunlit leaves of green was among life’s many simple masterpieces.

the Berkeley foothill had much to offer. from the $5 pizza at Fat Slice, to the $10 junk and jewelery hawked by the bums and “Buddhists” on Telegraph, even the iTunes-sized library of music on file at Rasputin’s, there is something for everyone. I’m sure one day I’ll try to soak it all in. no doubt it would be easier if my mind wasn’t preoccupied with one Chazi. it amazed me to find that an hour in her company could change the complexion of an entire day. from her silly mannerisms and habits [like rambling on and on at the speed of light about stick bugs and biology] to little things she does that make me smile [like squeezing my hand at random moments while we walk down the street], she is seems to define happiness with her existence.


not sure where this train is going. but i know i’m enjoying the ride.


~ by jon.C on 21 July 2009.

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  1. Aww this is cute =D

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