Summertime. Prt.1

jon.C in SB

i just took a quick glance at my recent posts and i noticed a horrible trend: they say absolutely nothing. horrible, right?!

well i think its time for that to change. its been awhile since i posted ANYTHING, let alone something with a purpose. so lets catch up:

The past month has been… hectic. between, school, work, trying to vacation, and a juvenile delinquent sibling, days- sometimes weeks- go by in a blur. so rather than go thru all of it chronologically, i’ll just deal with each category individually. yeah? ok…

School… im taking 4 classes. 16 credits. Color Theory. Speech & Communication. 3D Modeling. and Observational Drawing. i hate all of ’em with exception to my Speech. the only exciting thing about this qrt is th eSketchbook throwdown i bought into [20 bucks] that ends in a few weeks. 50 pages in a sketchbook. best book takes the pot. pretty simple right? its forcing me to step my game up. i like it.

Work… same ol’ same old. not enough hours but im gettin some paper here and there. enough for me to go to Santa Barbara and San Diego, each for a weekend.

B&J in SB

Drove down to SB with my homie Haydee :] yeah she’s the shit haha. met up with some old friend of mine, Bri aka B.How and had a great time. good times hahaha.

jon in SD

now THAT was fun. didnt take many pics but i did get a few with my homie Skooter. hadn’t seen him in over a year. got to see NERD rock to show. nearly got trampled up in the front rows. fought off a mosh-pit. fell in love with Patron Orange haha. and boogied on the board with the dude [pause], Rob [pictured above haha]. not to mention dominated in 2 0n 2 ball with my boy Taylor haha.

Which brings me to the less memorable portion of my absense from the blog: my kid brother. he’s been in and out of trouble since the school year started. and now he’s on 30 days house arrest. he has yet to comply with one day of it. tried to hit my mom. tried. tried to hit me. tried. tried to get the older boys in his crew to jump me at my own fuckin’ house. TRIED. i called the cops on ’em. i am no idiot. no need in me screwin up my life over some dumb shit.

so now, lil bro is on zero tolerance. any hiccups and he’s off to juvie for a year. he can’t even breathe with an attitude. hopefully, he changes his ac. cuz the dirrection he’s going in leads to 2 places. in a cell or in a box. he calls himself a member of the Rollin’ 60’s Crips. thinks he’s from the hood. the closest that boy has been to ANY hood is Garfield & Mountain Ave in Pasadena, CA. he was 3. couldnt even play outside without me watchin him. but he’s a gangsta, wanting to harm the only 2 ppl who have been there for him and gone to bat for him since day one. rather than show some gratitude, he glorifies his child molesting father in prison serving 54 years, without possibility of parole. THAT’s his idol… i dont get it. probably never will.

well lets not end this on a downer… go grab this. click the pic.

meka's mixshow massacre vol. 2

~ by jon.C on 4 June 2009.

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