Blowin’ Smoke


OK… so this is just me blowing smoke. well, uh. that’s *above* not me… i didn’t even draw that. that’s some old work by Scritch. but anyways… this post. it is not meant as an attack or a defense. i just saw an opportunity to share my opinions on a certain matter. what matter? the matter of dating.

scenario: you’re in a relationship. not married, but relatively serious. you could say u love this person. does this mean that one-on-one activities with the opposite sex are out of the question?

my response: FUCK NO!

i have a very unconventional approach to serious relationships. in order for one to understand my mindset, they must first know my definition of a serious relationship:

a series of personal and individual decisions, based on a friendship wherein the focus is a mutual attraction and interest in the other party’s happiness.

so when faced with a scenario like the one mentioned above, it’s absolutely clear to me that there is no problem with 1-on-1 stuff. as a matter of fact, outside of marriage, there is absolutely no reason i can’t date other people while “with” another [you].

but, jon… don’t u think ur being a bit selfish? sounds to me like ur scared of commitment.

NOT. in a serious relationship, those decisions are made according to the moment, after considering all the pro’s and con’s. this is not a “screw whoever you want and get away with it” card. it’s a personal code, that allows you to never settle for what u’ve got. sometimes what u’ve got is the shit. sometimes, what u’ve got is like and iPod Touch… if u get the chance to try out a iPhone, u might as well see if thats what u want.

anyways… this post is very rough. i’m not going to proof read it. just post. i’ll come back later and revise/clarify after class.


~ by jon.C on 15 January 2009.

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