You’re Late

yeah yeah yeah… i know. My New Year’s post is like a whole week late. so?

Happy New Years… i was on the Strip. Some buddies from out of town came up for the festivities. and we partied with a bunch of drunk white people. yours truely stayed dead sober [why? i have no clue]. good night tho.

NYE 08-09

The next day i spent with a very good friend. went to her grandparents house and had some very very good gumbo. watched USC show the nation that one off night does not mean you aren’t the best team in the nation. took a stroll. enjoyed the company. and fought off the sleep that was creeping in the entire day.

3-time Rose Bowl Champs

i then worked the entire weekend. all the way till Sunday January 4th. that night was to be the Zara Holiday dinner and Secret Santa gift exchange and whatnot. it also happened to be my bornday. so i worked. got sent home early [not cuz they care its my bday… but cuz they need to cut hours and jon.C got the short stick]. met up with the Zara fam at some mexican restaurant that start with Bonito… great carne asada steak btw. my secret santa got my some tshirts [and a custom portrait] for which i am very grateful haha. then when the folks all realized it was my bday… i got the mariachi treatment. and a few shots.

jon.C's bornday

and since then i have been here at home. fighting boredom and productivity. haha. im not winning. but life should get kicked into gear next week. i go back to skool on the 14th. OH and the buddy Heidi [pronounced HAY-dee] will be back in town tomorrow [when do we hit the road lady? haha]. and the lovely Chazi does the Vegas thing with her sis next week as well. cant wait to see either one of em.

till next time…


~ by jon.C on 9 January 2009.

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  1. wish i was there

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