the Fruits of my Labor

the above poster was one of my assignments for my Digital Imaging [Photoshop 101] class… i’m proud of it. u folks have seen the originals on the Interwed right folks?

anyways, its been a minute. seems like forever. mostly becuz time flies when ur having fun. and the inverse is the truth as well. lately it seems my life has become a huge mess. and i have no sponge, rag, mop, etc., big enuff to clean it all up. my lil bro tried hitting my mom [gave him a cute little shiner for it and let him go to skool with it to show all his friends the next day]. the following week he is suspended from skool for cussing out a teacher. while on suspension, he leaves the house to go back up one of his little rugrat homies in a fight and empties the kitchen set of steak and cutting knives into his backpack [his reasoning: the boy they were gonna fight was said to have had a gun and threatened to use it… *dramatic pause*… u don’t bring a knife to a gun fight]. so the cops are called, he runs, he’s caught, sings like a canary, charged with possession of a deadly weapon, the parents of the boy he was gonna fight now have to option to charge him with attempted murder [30 to life, if tried as an adult].

all this causes stress on my mom, who’s family has a history of high blood pressure and heart disease. lately she’s been leaving it to me to control my lil bro at home. he doesn’t listen when i talk. so it usually ends in him getting punched the fuck out for making stupid threats and just being an overall wanna-be gangsta [he said he was gonna “bust a cap” in my chest. i busted his lip instead]. during one of our more recent bouts arguements altercations confrontations lopsided-beatings, my mom threw a bitch fit a threw a tv, stereo, and a PS2 [none of which were mine]. then she left. and upon returning said, “i’m leaving. if u guys wanna act like animals then go ahead! i’m out. lets see you fend for yourselves!”

those words hurt more than the hands of my stepfather ever did. i’m the “understanding” son. the one who understands that he has had to sacrifice a bit of his youth to help his single mother maintain. i’m the son that doesn’t cause more headache for his mom becuz he knows she has enuff on her plate already. i’m the son that did pre-algebra workbooks for summer vacation in the 4th grade. the one who behaved in skool, got good grades, and never talked back. the one stayed home to babysit his future porch-monkey little brother, while she went out with her friends becuz he understood she needed the downtime. “lets see you fend for yourselves”

did she leave? no. does it hurt any less? not one bit. everyday i come home and want to kill my brother. my  life would be alot easier without him. i HOPE he gets locked up for life. as for the rest of my problems here at home. i think a change of scenery might be called for. a drastic change. i’m workin’ on it. you guys will know when it’s finalized.

in the mean time… bits and Peace’s


~ by jon.C on 1 November 2008.

One Response to “the Fruits of my Labor”

  1. jon, you know you are the love of my life. haha. ANYtime you need me, know you can call me and i will try my best to drive out there and see you asap. i hope you know i’m always always always gonna be here for you. no matter WHAT!

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