day in the life of an art sudent

2 classes today… Digital Illustration and Digital Imagery. 8 to 12 and 1 to 5 respectively. didn’t go to the gym this morning. but my body needs the recovery time anyway. tomorrow im going to attempt to recreate the 4 QRTs conditioning workout. here’s the history:

my junior year, we had this conditioning coach named Dale Thompson. this guy was a machine. during Hell Week, the last hour of practice was dedicated to the 4 QRTs workout. for 10 minutes we would do some type of cardio aerobic workout [ie. situps, bicycles, up downs, hip flexors, pushups, leg lifts, etc.] after which we had 5 minutes to run approx. 0.5 miles. that’s 1 QRT. repeat to complete 4 QRTs. and if Thompson felt you hadn’t given your best effort, the QRT would be repeated… as many times as he felt necessary. our fist day, we had 7 QRTs…

since i’m in love with myself [and i have some compulsive need to waste time on the Internets] i’ll post a pic every weekend to document my progress. SEXYTIME!!! hahahaha

bits and Peace’s bitches


~ by jon.C on 9 October 2008.

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