In My Mind… Again.

past present and future / all the same to me / retell ur life in 5 / and relive it in 3 / 1 second in hell / 30 minutes stranded at sea / and a lifetime of waiting on what will never be.

reach back to my future / look ahead to the past / evolution is progression / but i talk out my ass / ignorance is bliss / so i roll blunts made of cash / and burn my life away / livin off of liquor and grass

step back to step up / step left to stay right / back down from a challenge / to back into a fight / move into darkness / just to somehow run into light / on morning that resembles the past friday night

riddles for rhymes / and truthiness to settle your minds / livin in a time / where dollars never split out of dimes / and media shine is wasted on the socialist swine / plotting to take possession of whats rightfully mine


~ by jon.C on 23 September 2008.

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