Magic in Vegas…

yeah im fuckin jealous. i’m at work this week right. and all these folks are comin’ thru just buyin shit up and talkin about what looks hot and what type of fabric this and ‘oh, did you see [insert streetwear ladel here]’s new designs… so sick’…

these folks are attendants of the bi-annual Magic Convention, here in Sin City. every February and August, the worlds largest fashion convention takes place down the street from my workplace. guess where i’ll be come February… NOT behind a register.

photos scooped from Bobby Hundreds. video of Mos Def at Magic via Shake

SLATE… the streetwear sub-section.

American Apparel girls…

Mos Def checkin’ out SQR1’s debut line…

a few of the folks in attendance…

and last but certainly not least… Mos Def’s A Millie freestyle

Vodpod videos no longer available.


~ by jon.C on 27 August 2008.

One Response to “Magic in Vegas…”

  1. that has to be my favorite Millie freestyle

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