day in the life of a working student.

i been busy. really busy. workin. and schoolin. and alot of gas money in between. i haven’t had much chill time recently but i guess that comes with being a working student. and the situation with one car and two driver’s [my mom and i]… i rarely get to go out. she has her little posy of friends from dance class that she hangs with on Tues. and Wedn. and Sunday nights. but it seems when i want to go out she already has something planned for that night… or, like she said yesterday in response to me asking to use the car tonite, “i had a bad dream about you and the car so you need to get a ride.”


uh huh….

not to mention she’s got this habit of rushing me and telling me not to make her wait… but when it’s time for me to get her i end up waiting at least 20 minutes… or like Wednesday night, when i waited 1 hr 25 min for her to get me after work. do you know how big of a new asshole she would have ripped me if i had done the same to her? seriously. its really getting old, this whole “understanding son” role. this script needs a rewrite.

so im kinda at a loss right now. cuz i only get out of this house when im at skool or at work. adulthood sux. ESPECIALLY if you still live with your mom and dont have a car of your own.


~ by jon.C on 22 August 2008.

3 Responses to “day in the life of a working student.”

  1. LOL yeahh i think it iss
    i likke the vidio
    its like on grown man status
    not like lil kids in the club

  2. sorry wrong comment box LOL

    in regards to this blog. i totally agree. im tired of living under someone elses rule. its starting to seem like no1 ever thinks of my needs around here. its like i cant even go to school without the fate of the whole family on my back.. LOL

  3. BTW i love how you changed up the WTF pic.
    i was like WOW!

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