this weekend has been interesting haha.

thursday, my fam gets a puppy [pics comin soon] black lab named Roxy. she’s cute. and she’s an escape artist. her nickname: Houdini. she hopped the fence we put her in the first night, used her play kennel as a hamster wheel to get from one end of the room to the other the next night, and by saturday night she figured out how to unzip the damn thing. wtf. dog is too smart. oh AND i got half a cake from my mom’s coworkers haha. they love me.

friday – class 8-12 AM… did some film work. AI 101 after that. pick up mom [got free sushi from her co-worker… OMG best ever] and go home. car dies in the drive way when we get home. wtf. car roadside assistance, find out its just the battery [the heat killed it or something like that] got a jump from the tow guy.

i had class sat morning [ugh] 8-12… but finished my work early so i left at 11:15. got some comfy work shoes. 70 bucks. wtf. got some toys for Roxy. worked from 2-10. the Princess Ria scooped my up and we swung by Amy’s house to snatch her up then arrived at Kevin’s casa. watched folks get shit-faced. almost tried hookah, then decided not to. played nanny for Ria, makin sure she was ok. met some pretty chill folks [jon, sidekick, jon, sean, mayra, amy, kevin, kyle, etc.] got home at 3 am. needed to be at work at 11. ugh. Roxy was barking up a fuckin storm. *_* zZzZzZzZzZzZzzZzZzZz

sunday – wake up at 9:45 and realize im running late for work. rush to get dressed. hop in the car. mom drops me off. i realize i left my phone at home. work till 8. forgot my lunch at home. 2 bucks in my pocet. cant even get a fuckin bottled water. wtf. luckily Mike bought pizza and shared. thank u michael. closing register and find out im a buck short. ugh. fuck. bye… wait for 30 minutes in the hot vegas night for my mom. ride home and find the majority of my cake missing. and apparently mom promised a slice of the remains to my bro. wtf!?
and here i am… blogging. chillin. and trying to convince Ria that i dont think she’s a drunk haha. night y’all.

ps. WTF!?!?!


~ by jon.C on 10 August 2008.

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