life after high skool…

so i was going thru my favorite blogs after i got home from class today, and i stop at the Hundreds blog. they always have random crazy pics and wat not so i check there every now and again for a good laugh or two. well today was especially surprising. as i’m scrolling thru the different posts, i stop to read one about the door mat in front of the store. it was pushed to the side when one of the owners came up.

well apparently, some kids tried to steal the door mat. caught on tape. haha. red handed.

so im reading, and apparently the dudes friends were inside distracting the dude inside. gave him contact info [smart kids], and asked to get a shout out for their music on the blog. instead the get put on blast. i scroll down and see wat? a picture of the culprits.

i know these guys!!!! hahaha. the question now is… do i shout out their music? hahaha.


~ by jon.C on 17 July 2008.

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