a day in the life… of an Aspiring Animator

WOW. today was awesome… and eventful. had orientation at AI. picked up my supply kit [Wacom Intuos3 pen tablet AND 160GB iPod as a “student hard drive”!!!]. then got an oil change. and yes, the Wacom tablet is AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!!!! hahaha.

AI was fun. the people were nice and it’s always nice to be around people who are passionate about the same things you are [like Batman: Gotham Knightso sick]. a bunch of people who love comics, animation, and will kill for midnight tickets of the Dark Knight.

School is gonna kick ass. my teachers are cool. the students are nice. and the A/C is on! hahaha. bring it bitches.


~ by jon.C on 10 July 2008.

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