Celtics 97, Lakers 91

wow. EPIC game 4. down 24 points and a 31-15 3rd qrt pulls them back into the game. take the lead with 4:07 left in the 4th and don’t look back. Celtics stepped up tonight. Doc made good calls, Pierce was lights out on both ends late in the game, and can i get a replay of Ray Ray OWNING Vuja-Bitch? [“Vuja-Bitch (c) Scott Havrisik ahaha] Man, i’m definitely gonna be tellin’ my grandkids about this one.

Now what does this say about Kobe? can he still be considered THAT great? With his team up 24 points, Boston mounted a rediculous comeback. the lead itself was not even a result of Kobe’s scoring. in fact he only had, what, 17 points the whole game, all but thre coming in the second half. Big names show up in big games. James Worthy shows up, Magic Johnson shows up, Michael Jordan shows up. Kobe’s good- best individual in the league right now- but he’s not ready to be compared to MJ [either one of them.]

Paul Pierce showed up to play tho. The best Celtic scoring machine since Larry Legend. and his D tonight was glove-like… against the best player in the NBA!!!!!! if that’s not big i dont kno what is. the Big 3 [Pierce, Allen, and Garnett] all showed up to play big in the second half finishing with 20, 19, and 16 pts respectively.

Game 6 in LA, Sunday at 6 PST


~ by jon.C on 12 June 2008.

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  1. […] may have never actually met the hype [next Michael?], and yeah his knees are about as reliable as Kobe in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, but, i mean really… he goes home to TAMIA!! i want to be the next Grant […]

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