OBAMA- man behind the mask

Barrack Hussien Obama, the Democrat candidate for office, has found support everywhere. from music to television to churches, ppl all over the nation are throwing themselves blindly into supporting this man. Charismatic, charming, well-spoken, and [according to some] good-looking, he has caputred the heart of young America. it is now “cool” to have his picture on ur myspace. to create music videos based on his speeches. or to write promotional rhymes in his support. but what does this man believe? what are his core values?

watch this folks… Obama is no saint. i post this in response to ?uestlove’s reason’s to vote for Obama.

UPDATE: I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO. NOR DO I AGREE WITH ALL OF ITS POINTS. I AM MERELY SHOWING ANOTHER SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT. SO COULD U PLEASE STOP REFERRING TO THESE OPINIONS AS MY OWN… sure i’m not an avid Obama supporter. as a matter of fact, i wish Ron Paul had won the Republican nod. unfortunately, as expected, he did not. so now i just look for stuff to ruffle feathers. JACKPOT! sadly, my sarcasm was not clear enuff in my writing. yes, some of the “points” are very left-field and “out there”. but some of them should at least be entertained in one’s mind. the “information” is not in the video. the “information” must be found. the video is simply a spark to set your curiosity aflame.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~ by jon.C on 9 June 2008.

14 Responses to “OBAMA- man behind the mask”

  1. this video is so funny. Thanks for posting it. You would have to be an idiot to believe this. Fact: He does not wair a flag pin. Hahaha. That shit is funny. Thanks for posting this video.

  2. thinking has no age requirement, and neither does small-scale video production. it’s time to start telling the truth. this country bears slavery as its original sin – are you proud of that? this country has innocent blood on its hands. are you proud of that? find your own voice, don’t re-edit what you watch on fox “news.”

  3. Disclaimer: I’m not doing this to change your mind, I’m more concerned with bashing your obvious lack of critical thinking skills.

    1. The first 2 minutes of your recant was founded on Barack Obama’s name being too ethnic.

    If “ethnic name = evil” then:
    What about Jeffrey a.k.a Jeffrey Dahlmer?
    OR Wayne circa unibomber?
    or Timothy circa Oklahoma bombings?
    or Andrew circa Andrew Jackson
    or Christopher circa Columbus?
    Or your name Jon/John circa John Smith of Jamestown? Y’know the guy who helped usher in 19 slaves and helped spread the pillaging of indigenous people in the Americas – perhaps sowing the seed of the most insidious parts of the cancer of inequality still affecting this country?

    2. The next “Fact” in the video was about his dad being *gasp* Muslim. His dad is Muslim. His mom is white. And…he’s a Christian. BTW, we live in a country founded on the principle of FREEDOM FROM RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION. THINK JONNY BOY…please use that noggin.

    3. The video states the old “he went to a madrassa” crap. Obama went to a madrassa that was SECULAR, meaning it was not specifically related to any religion, much less promoting jihadist theology. At best it could be compared to going to Catholic school…and granted Scalia and Clarence Thomas are products of that – that’s a generous insult.

    4. You/ the video states he has a “vague” voting record. Voting “present” doesn’t constitute a vague voting record – its often used in a similar fashion to voters “writing in” a candidate, often because alternatives and important pieces of legislation are written out of the final bill. Rather than lie and say you’re not present, you state your presence with no preference to uphold a bill that is incomplete or kill it in future sessions because you previously opposed it.

    Tell me what’s “vague” about him (co)sponsoring 150 bills since 2005 on ALL the issues that matter?
    30 bills on Energy Efficiency, Environment and Climate Change
    41 bills on health care and public health
    14 bills on consumer protection/labor
    13 bills on the needs of Veterans and the Armed Forces
    12 bills on Congressional Ethics and Accountability
    10 bills on Foreign Policy
    9 bills on Voting and Election Transparency
    7 bills on Education
    6 bills on Hurricane Katrina Relief (6),
    4 bills on Homeland Security (4 bills), and
    4 bills on discrimination

    Do your research Jon – watching a video on the “internets” isn’t research. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/2/21/164117/783

    5. You’re complaining about 1 Obama supporter that also supports Guevera. Yet no mention of the leagues of McCain supporters who probably worship at the alter of Hagee. WAKE UP! This country has the face of Andrew “round the Engines/Indians up and kill em” Jackson on its currency and you complain about Ernesto Che Guevera? This country tried multiple times to kill Castro as it has already killed leaders in Iran (democractically elected official), Congo (Lumumba), etc. Yet I don’t hear shit from you on that.

    6. Wearing flag pins made in china doesn’t mean you’re a patriot. In fact A LOT of people don’t wear flag pins ALL the time.

    7. Obama wasn’t refusing to place his hand on his heart during the nat’l anthem. . . that was the “Star Spangled Banner”. Jon, do you even know the difference between the National Anthem and the Star Spangled banner? In the video the singer audibly say the phrase “were so galantly streaming”. That doesn’t occur anywhere in the national anthem.

    Jon, its getting late and you’re seeming dumber by the minute as I recant each of these “points” in the video you referenced as “information”

    Might wanna try this thing called “reading” for a change.
    Ooops i forgot, “change” isn’t your cup o’ tea

  4. the “Star Spangled Banner” IS the national anthem… just sayin’.

    please read the update folks!!!!

  5. Which motherfucker made this video?

    Go and kill yourself if you really believe that bullshit.

    Be ashamed of yourself and your parents, nigga.

    This shit is garbage.

  6. This video seems very populistic and exagerated…the facts don’t really hold water and it sounds a lot like someone’s trying HARD to find conspirative elements against him….the combination of the mentioned informations (especially the part to obamas spiritual advisor) give this report a anti propaganda feel…i think it’s a bit weird watching this!

  7. “7. Obama wasn’t refusing to place his hand on his heart during the nat’l anthem. . . that was the “Star Spangled Banner”. Jon, do you even know the difference between the National Anthem and the Star Spangled banner? In the video the singer audibly say the phrase “were so galantly streaming”. That doesn’t occur anywhere in the national anthem.”

    to the person who wrote this, you are a world class idiot. the star spangled banner IS the national anthem. for a person who is preaching about staying properly informed, you sure dont know your own shit very well!

  8. haha obama is still badass

  9. I can’t believe that he made the origin of his name such an outstanding issue! What’s wrong with an Arabic name anyway. It only represents the people better as a diverse nation.

    And on that note, I personally disregard anything that comes from the mouth of Kathleen Coulter. Everything that comes out of her mouth is ludicrous.

    If this country was founded on the terms of freedom of religion, why does it matter that he was brought up Muslim? especially since he chose to follow Christianity?

    and aren’t we taught in our schools that if we do not wish to repeat and put our right hand to our hearts during the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem, we should stand respectfully and listen? Isn’t that what Sen. Obama did? I don’t think it makes him less of a candidate.

    I wish people could separate politics from religion. his religious beliefs do not dictate his democratic ideals.

    I don’t understand why he attacked his campaign strategy. it was complete genius to target the young voters in our society with a music video. It has been proven, through linguistics, that the best lyrics include a phrase that is a couple words long that is repeated over and over again. It makes it easier to be viral and it becomes the artists instant tag line.

    The other political parties have obvious oppositions to Sen. Obama’s platforms with merit; however, this video is just a bundle of “low blow” hits. the director should rethink his/her reasons to vote against Democrats and should voice a more arguable, concrete, understandable, sensible notions.

  10. […] Video – my response a few days ago i posted a video i received from a friend of mine on my Myspace. i posted it here on the blog and got some pretty […]

  11. I dont even support Obama, but I can discern neo-con propaganda when I see it.

  12. I was privilaged to review Obama: The Man Behind The Mask by Andy Martin, who is “generally recognized as the founding father of the anti-Obama research and commentary movement on the Internet.” You may also remember that Andy urged Hillary to TAKE IT TO THE CONVENTION! She did not heed his advice.

    While the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune were asleep at the wheel, Andy Martin was letting the world know “Who Barry O is,” but “just the facts” as Detective Friday says. Andy tells you why until Lynn SWEET caught Obama’s scent that “Tony’s guy” got a pass for all his “Chicago ways.”

    What does Andy know about “Chicago ways? “He began by exposing corruption in state government while still a law student at the University of Illinois over forty years ago. While still a student he also helped pursue and expose scandal at the Illinois Supreme Court. His investigations of crooked Cook County (Chicago) judges helped trigger federal prosecutions and sent guilty judges to jail.”

    What this book is “is not a biography. Obama’s anti-biography, his fictionalized ‘Dreams’ from his ‘Father,’ served as a launching pad for [his] own investigations and commentary. But [Andy] felt readers needed a collection of commentary, a pathway through the past few years, an insight and understanding of how the Obama phenomenon had evolved, what his campaign team had concealed and sometimes begrudgingly admitted, and an occasional prediction of where all of this activity would lead.”

    If you have followed Andy for the last four years there are no surprises for you in this book but it is still useful as a resource for when those suffering from OBAMAMANIA need a dose of reality. It also puts all his research in one source as opposed to having to do a search each time you need to “check your facts.”

    Andy was one of the first to deal with the issue of “Is OBAMA a radical Muslim?” If you do not know the answer then perhaps you do not know the facts. Personally I am more concerned with his church for the last 20 years.

    You may want to know that neither of the Obamas has a valid license to practice law. How could that happen to such “great lawyers” as they claim to have been? Did they really reject “high saleried” positions and positions offered by those they knew – cronyism? These are just some of the questions Andy answers.

  13. You are correct young, wise one. Obama isn’t a saint..far from it. Thanks for posting this. Several here might not agree with this video, however…it’s not YOURS or OURS, it’s just WORDS. DUH!

  14. Did you see that message at the end? lmao! “Do you want to see more videos like this? Donate” hahaha! Everything he said was based off his own bias opinions. Smear campaigning, Defamation of Character, Accusations, perfect DEMONstration of Evil Propaganda! I guess you have to be a Being of The Light or a Minority to understand why Obama feels the way he does. This Country is being ran by Nazi’s.

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