Lakers 88, Celtics 98

if u saw the same performance i saw… then you would agree that it was historic. maybe not as big as Willis Reed’s game 7 limp… but definitely the stuff of legend.

i had to watch the game at Chilli’s cuz we have no TV service at the house. regardless, it was an amazing game. KG played like… well, KG. i do think that he needs to be a bit more selfish tho. he was hot and the C’s weren’t taking full advantage of it. i don’t know wats with Kobe, and frankly, i don’t care. Rondo was good. Cassell was good. Allen was great. and, as i said before, Pierce was legendary. Game 1 is in the books… the rest is yet to be written.


~ by jon.C on 5 June 2008.

2 Responses to “Lakers 88, Celtics 98”

  1. Paul-freaking-Pierce. When he went down in a heap the entire season flashed before my eyes. That standing ovation he received coming back onto the court was electric! Think he wants this one much?

  2. i think he would have come out had his leg been broken… haha.

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