She Is All I Need

wake up up and think of you/ cant sleep and think of you/ smile and think of you/ cry and think of you/ when will u leave my mind?/ not that i want you to./ i’ve never felt like this before/ never wanted someone so bad it hurts… and known that they feel the same way/ this time she feels my heart beat… and responds with her own in harmony/ her eyes meet mine with out guilt or hesitation/ she touches me with out provocation/ she loves me beyond reasoning/ no competitions/ no distractions/ no “i would if i could, and i can but i wont”/ only pure love volleyed back and forth/ its funny. cuz i fucked this thing up more than my fair-share of times/ and somehow she takes me back/ and accepts my humanity/ my flaws… my damaged broken heart she took in her hands and molded into an instrument of her love/ she plays it daily/ pulling on its strings/ strumming its cords to produce the sweetest of symphonies/ thats all i ever wanted/ thats all she’s ever given me/ she’s an angel sent from heaven/ an guardian sent to protect and cherish my heart/ all those before her were merely imitator’s/ those who come after will stay ther/ AFTER her/ she is first and foremost in my heart/ the tenants of my heart have been evicted/ their exodus is complete/ there remains only one resident/ she’s my Angel, my one and only/ and the lease is eternal.


~ by jon.C on 4 June 2008.

One Response to “She Is All I Need”

  1. I love you.

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