Day in the Life… of a Young Avenger

so today i’m at the library with the shittiest connection i’ve ever come across in my entire life [that might be a little exaggerated but ask me if i care]. i have Jumpstart today over at the Art Institue [AI], which is right across the street from my mom’s office. so i rode with her to work, then drove up the street to the library.

Jumpstart is at 6pm and we got to her office at around 8:30am so its gunna be a long day. but the comic section and the CD’s available here are more than enuff to pass the time. Stumbled upon a Wu-Tang Clan “best of” CD… plus a copy of kanYe’s Late Registration, both of which i didn’t have on my laptop. read a few X-men stories, some Young Avengers [check them out], and a little Cap. America.

folks!!!! who out there in the blog-world knows how to work fruity loops? i just downloaded the demo version and i was overwhelmed by the amount of buttons and windows and knobs. i have no idea where to start. so if ya’ll can point me in the right direction, that would be nice.

ps. for those who noticed, those are NOT the Young Avengers in the pic up top… rather a derivative of the Avengers, themselves.


~ by jon.C on 29 May 2008.

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