the coolest folks ever.

so this past weekend i was in Moreno Valley, CA, visiting friends who were basically family haha.

man was that not the best weekend i’ve had since idk forever. stayed at kim’s house, with her lovely and outrageous family. she has the cutest nephew ever [i, of course, had to introduce the tiny tot to Common, kanYe, 3 stacks, etc]. that whole family is more of a family towards me than my own flesh and blood.

then there’s Evan and Robert. Rob drove out to Fontana on a moments notice to pick me up. thats a bro if i’ve ever seen one. and Ev is still the buff-ass, “i lift more than u will ever be able to” niggah. that fool is the dude. i saw Scott for awhile; he was kinda busy with his fam but it was nice catching up with my bro from another hoe. haha. and then there was Jonne [jon.A], John Dale [jon.B], Rico, and Pau. and everybody else i saw. great weekend.

and of course there’s Cortnee, with whom i spent a whole day. haha. i made her boss jealous. haha. saw Bollywood movies. a spanish movie call, The Orphanage. “It’s Laura!” haha. ate quesadilla’s. and shared a relatively special evening. thanx.


~ by jon.C on 26 May 2008.

2 Responses to “the coolest folks ever.”

  1. awww. love this blog. :] and you, of course. ❤

  2. Yes I had a wonderfull time
    Its been almost a year seen
    the last time ive seen you
    Pahaha “its laura” lol
    Thanx for the new memories
    I can wait to lol make more
    “Ur effin alsome” “the best sidekick ever”
    Lol i love you

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