DUBSTEP – the mixtape show

wow folks… before today, i was oblivious to the world of DUBSTEP. until i came across this during a Google search of Jay Electronica. its a podcast called THE MIXTAPE SHOW.

so I subscribed and click on the most recent podcast [today’s], this guy starts talking about this genre he’s into called DUBSTEP, and I’m like ‘???’… but anywayz, the beat drops. and from the very beginning, its like ur on a ride thru the mind of a psychedelic hip-hop fiend. the bass kicks harder than my tiny ass speakers can handle [i advise INSIST you play with headphones or a quality system]. if your system doesn’t kick, u won’t be able to truly appreciate the quality and the simplicity of the music.

with samples from Jay Electronica, Erykah Badu, and a slew of other cats I am too uninformed to recognize, this mix is as smooth as the backside of a pampered, rich, white baby. check it out. let me know what u think.




~ by jon.C on 20 May 2008.

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  1. Jon –

    glad you dug the mix. And I appreciate you throwing the thing on fileden (even though my server can handle whatever you throw at it, its the thought that counts). Feel free to use the embed code in the future (check just under the “album art” on any episode) and just let it play right on the site.

    The rest of the blog is pretty hilarious. I’ll be back.

    PS – Mo Val?! You’re right around my ancestral home, fam.

    PSS – got more Jay in the pipeline as well…

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