my mom is amazing. and she knows it.

im a rape-product, but she never saw ‘him’ in me. she never connected me to the pain of her experience. she didnt cut my life short before it began. she didnt give me to another family so as to never have to look at my face again. she left all she knew to give me a better life here in the US. and even when things went south, she fought tooth’n’nail to get back on top. she’s a good mom to a fault, literally killing herself to make sure my lil bro doesn’t become his father.

women like that aren’t made or born. they make decisions that shape their character. and when the god’s throw a curve ball, they cock back and rip it out of the park. i love her soooo much. everything i am [and everything i never will be] is because of her.


~ by jon.C on 12 May 2008.

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