Ruined for Life

been spending the day caring for my ill mother. she’s not feeling too great at all. took her to the hospital and everything. Doc’s gave her some med’s and told her to chill out. so I’m Dr. Jon today. my prescription? soup, crackers, and P.S. I Love You. it worked momentarily. haha.

so watching the aforementioned film the second time, i realized [again] that i still love ‘love’ [but don’t believe in it]. the really sad part about it is that- and this may hurt a few specific readers- i have yet to meet the girl i can love more than ‘love’ itself. which makes me a liar. i lied. again. i can’t love because i’m already in love. with love. and until I find someone who can make me forget about “my ‘love'” I won’t be ‘in love’.

love is such a wondrous thing that it will never be understood. i don’t intend on understanding it. i just want to experience the kind of love that makes you forget you’re in love at all. where u feel complete for the first time. a love that makes life bearable. a love that explains the mysteries in life. a love that death itself can’t destroy.

in my heart, I believe one thing: that every man wants to be that guy. that guy that intoxicates you with his charm, and ruins you for any man to come along after him. and every woman wants to be ruined.


~ by jon.C on 9 May 2008.

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