My Summer Kick-Off

ok… i know Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. ask me if i give a flying fuck. cuz i started summer on May 2nd. haha.

Picked up the Roots album, Rising Down, and blasted it at top volume on the way to see Iron Man, sickest movie i’ve seen in quite awhile [the Avengers tie-in nearly made me piss my pants haha. seriously, i want a Thor movie.] Robert Downey, Jr. did a fantastic job being the ass-hole billionaire, Tony Stark. i swear for a quick second i thought they were gunna give us a peak at War Machine. L. Fishburn’s character, Lt. Colonel James Rhodes, is the man who later becomes War Machine. hopefully that will be in Iron Man II. haha.

So the next day, i joined in the Las Vegas Race for the Cure, the breast cancer walk. my legs were dying. haha. 5k walk and my legs were dying. Lord knows i need to get back in the gym immediately. haha. but later that night i picked the new Badu album, New Amerykah Pt. 1 (4th World War)… sick. from beginning to end, nothing but thought-provoking, heart-felt, good soul music.

so yes. my summer has begun. how do i know? well mostly because Oceania, girl i met at the DMV, has noticed the change in my skin tone. haha.

Welcome, to the Summer of Fun.


~ by jon.C on 6 May 2008.

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