sex on the beach*

*note from the editor [me]: the title has nothing to do with the story.

job-hunting is going well. Starbucks, Paddock Pools, and Tan Factory are in the lead. Hopefully, i can get picked up by Starbucks and start next week. that would be ideal. but when does the ideal ever happen haha.

checked my email tonight and got a nice surprise from an friend. apparently she likes to torture me with naughty memories haha. but i like it. hope she never stops, too.

also started the admissions process [again] at the Art Institute [AI]. i have an appointment Saturday at noon. should be fun.

overall… life is going better. hopefully it stays that way for awhile.


~ by jon.C on 28 March 2008.

One Response to “sex on the beach*”

  1. Pahahaa 😀
    Yeah I think shell keep surprising u
    If she had a camera LOL
    I talked to her lately
    She said she misses u

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