i wanna do something

so i’ve been thinking [dangerous huh]… im not really doing much with my life. and i think its time i did something about that… don’t you? anyways, i was laying around the house the other night and came across this magazine my mom brought home. 944 Las Vegas, its called.
and i got to thinking… i can do some of the graphic work in this mag. not too hard or complicated… i should go back to school. so that what my life has become. Mission: Bak2Skool… which means i need money… meaning i need a job. i love all my needs. life is great.

in other news… i’m hitting a few road bumps with the design of my men’s collection. i need inspiration. any help folks? i could use it. just send me whatever you think i should be using as inspiration. blingjonc@gmail.com thanx.

ps. the hills is back. my guilty pleasure. i love to see spoiled white girls complain about their lives and deal with their juvenile drama. it makes for great TV. thanx MTV.

pps. GO JABBAWOCKEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by jon.C on 25 March 2008.

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