Stupid is as Stupid does

so yesterday, i had to go to California. My mom and I had to appear in Family Law court. let me give you a recap of the events of and leading up to our hearing yesterday.

About a month ago, my step-dad, Andre Jackson [yes, i’m putting his name out there], served my mom with a notice for mediation in family law court. he was trying to win sole custody of my lil bro, Jayson, and accusing my mom of kidnapping for moving to Vegas without his consent.

So we went to mediation last wednesday, Feb 27, in order to meet with him and a mediator to either resolve the issue without the judge or to have the mediator collect notes about the situation for the judge to make her decision. well, the idiot did not show up, so the mediation was canceled. this meant that we would appear before the judge the following wednesday without a mediation for the judge to make a decision based on.

Living in Vegas and having to attend a 7:30 am court date is a bit of a challenge. especially when its in the middle of the week and people have to work the day before and after. so we had to leave at around 2 am to get to Riverside, CA, at around 6 am, and wait outside the courthouse in order to insure we get in on time. how hard is it to show up on time, if you live in the same city?! apparently its impossible for Andre, because he was late to the court hearing as well. unfortunately, his stupidity did not stop there. when asked why he could not show up to the mediation he, himself, asked for, he responded with, My lawyer said not to go because we weren’t able to contact the mother.

what? did that make sense to you? well it didn’t make sense to the judge, that’s for sure. and that’s just one of many ridiculous statements he and his misinformed attorney made throughout the hearing. the judge had enough after about 15 minutes and order to reschedule mediation for March 17, a Monday, where a mediator will assess the situation and record her observations for the judge to work from.

note to those parents trying to win custody of their kids: if u wish to stand a chance of winning your case, show up to the mediations!!!!!!!!!


~ by jon.C on 6 March 2008.

One Response to “Stupid is as Stupid does”

  1. Yeah that is some dumb shit
    Or maybe he just knew
    He shouldn’t get ur lil bro no how

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