it’s sew hard…

so, i recently decided that i should learn how to sew. the plan was to have my mom teach me, considering she has a sewing machine she bought years ago and no longer uses. but, turns out, she has no idea how to sew, and the sewing machine was a compulsive-buy. i said to myself, “well i cant be that hard…” so i decided to teach myself. wow. was i mistaken.

not only is it hard, but its frustrating… maybe i’m just retarded. but it would be nice to find a “how to” somewhere that had a beginning and an end. that would help tremendously.

on a more interesting topic, Project Runway Season 4 [one of my guilty pleasures] is coming to an end. the final three have completed their collections for Fashion Week, and honestly, i pray to God every morning that that prepubescent 12 year old, Christian, does not win. now that would be “fierce”… ugh. if he says that one more time, im going to rip that emo-punk hair do off his head and glue it to his ass crack. [haha]. seriously, i feel that either Jillian or Rami [mostly Rami] should win this season. Jillian’s pieces are always very stylish and wearable, while Rami’s drapery is something out of a fairy tale. ok ok ok, yes Christian you’re a talented designer as well.

i have a feeling Jillian is going to take the cake this week. the short preview we got last week of her collection was pretty amazing, and surprisingly [for me anyway] in a league of it’s own when compared to the other collections.

well… You now where i’ll be on Wednesday night at 10pm. haha. tune in folks… on Bravo


~ by jon.C on 3 March 2008.

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