hooray for insomnia!!!!

ok so i’ve been up since about 2:15pm yesterday… and i have to wake up at 2am tomorrow… but i’m not tired!!!!

wierd?… maybe.

anyway, i have great news! those of you that kno me have at one time or another heard me speak of my clothing line… future clothing line to be exact. well… i finally started working on my collections for fall ’08 and spring ’09. finally.

i’ll post the catalog on the blog once i’m done… dont expect sumthing long or complex. i’m new to this whole thing and these will just be brainstorming pieces.

the catalog will most likely be a collection of polo’s, rugby’s, jackets, and boots [for fall]… and t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and sneakers [for spring].

sorry ladies… ur line will come soon. i’d like to get a better feel for feminine design before i take a crack at it.

so yeah… look for it later this year… prolly around april/may/june ’08 haha.


~ by jon.C on 26 February 2008.

One Response to “hooray for insomnia!!!!”

  1. sweet. looking forward to seeing those designs!

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