so yesterday i realized how much of a puppet i am. in the words of my dear ol’ mum [she’d kill me if she read that i called her “old” or “mum”],
“jonathan, you’re a puppet. and [the she-devil in question] is pulling your strings like a marionette master”
thanx mom. where would i be without your consistent ability to point out something i’m trying really hard to ignore.

ok. so i might be a puppet. i can see that. but really, i think realizing you’re a puppet feels worse than actually having your strings pulled. i wonder if everyone knows how it feels. to know that some one else knows what makes you tick; what makes you breathe. to use those very needs against you for their gain. then to realize that you fell for it every time. and would fall for it right this second if they tried it.

sucks, doesn’t it? for those of you that know. and for those who have not had the delightful pleasure of being some else’s lapdog, i pray life spares you that divine privilege. sorry. i’m just selfish like that.


~ by jon.C on 19 February 2008.

One Response to “used”

  1. Yeah I hate being a sux
    But at the same time it sounds cool to say
    Ello poppet….

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