when will your eyes leave me?

will they never stop haunting me?

always there. always dark. always beautiful.

just like you.

they are fierce and fiery. dark burning coals

searing their mark into my heart.

the same heart u hold in the warmth of your palms.

those soft delicate hands

encasing my heart like rose petals

a heart forever bound to you.

years pass, seasons change, life moves on.

still your eyes never leave me.

as constant as the North star

like beacons on the horizon in a storm.

the world turns, the sun rises and falls.

still u have my heart.

never able to give it fully to another.

is this love? or insanity?

be there a difference?

will i ever be free form your gaze?

loosed from your grasp?

like a caged bird set free…

is freedom what i want or do i love

to be your prisoner.


~ by jon.C on 11 January 2008.

One Response to “prisoner”

  1. wow.the way you talk about is amazing how only YOU can see me.just me.i dont have a prisoner who doesn’t want to be.because if i did he wouldn’t write about me so deeply.and i wouldnt smile as i read his thoughts.

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