in my mind

as i sit here alone in the darkness of my own thoughts… it is easy to forget about reality.

he drifts back to the days of heartfelt poems and puppy love letters.
the affections of his heart belonged to a fair skinned maiden with the beauty of a fairytale and the elegance of a princess. her eyes were as mysterious as those of a Persian belly dancer. Her hair tumbled freely from the crown of her head like a shimmering stream of rich, chocolate and caramel velvet, each strand perfectly curled and placed. to see her was happiness. to speak to her- bliss. to hold her- joy beyond measure. to love her was ecstasy.
he was a very young, very emotional, very naive little boy, in love with the idea of love;and in love with the girl of his dreams. he was a pitiful puddle of nerves in her presence, falling into a stammering stupor at the mere mention of her name. the simple task of breathing became as immense a task as scaling the slopes of Everest. his thoughts began to in her direction more and more frequently until at last she occupied every free second of time in his mind.
in his mind she was perfect. in his mind he was hers. in his mind she felt the same. the truth was he was slowly starting to grow on her. she had allowed him to be nothing more than a friend for wat seemed to him an eternity but things were never as they seemed. the next two years passed them by leaving them with memories of happiness, sorrow, pleasure, pain, tears, laughter, trust and betrayal, sin and forgiveness, leaving them with a genuine bond forged in friendship and mutual admiration.
As he sat there, looking back on his antics and blind attempts at poetry and seduction, he laughed at the naive juvenile he had truly been. at a time when love was nothing more than a foreign nation, he had attempted to assimilate into its complex culture before having an understanding of its language. because he was in uncharted waters, lost and without direction, he did wat he had hoped to never do: he drove away his fair skinned maiden.
to this day the thought of that exotic belle from heaven causes his heart to melt in his chest. she lives her own life now, with a husband, and child- her own slice of paradise. and still he hopes beyond hope , that some part of her is still his. that no matter what time or distance separates the two… they will always be each others.

…but reality is the light in the corner of the room. i can accept it or close my eyes and surrender to the darkness of my thoughts.

~ by jon.C on 6 January 2008.

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