forbidden kisses

both knew why they had met… to burn with passion, flamed by guilt, sin, lust, and ecstasy. it might be the one and only chance they would ever get to burn so beautifully.

“7:37… time has slowed to a deafening crawl.
two lover’s face each other with new eye’s.
their passion for each other flamed by their guilt.
to touch would be sinful, but satisfying nonetheless.
to sin would be ecstasy, pleasure beyond comprehension.
the fire that burns within them claws at the walls of their human vessels,
dying to get out, living to be free.
as self control gives way to self-indulgence,
mutual gratification becomes a very real possibility.
its harder to distinguish the area between the two now.
they have reached the brink of contact.
not quite one, yet not separate in the least bit.
sin on their lips… at the tips of their fingers.
the fire inside raged with devastating urgency. untamable. there was no stopping it now. the steam had built to a bursting point and the two wildfires were now charging down the tracks of each lovers veins, headlong on a set path toward each other.
a break in time. a twitch in reality. a wrinkle in their memory.
their lips meet. for the first time. the flames meet. engulfing their bodies and scorching their hearts like the flames of a hell set aside for those guilty of infidelity. they loved it.
their kiss was sinful. sin was ecstasy. ecstasy was their only feeling. hands trembling with excitement. lips quivering with bliss. and hearts pounding with the burning passion of lust known only to the forbidden romances of the legends of old.
7:45 …time is not accommodating.
the fire still burns. never given a chance to consume its providers. the guilt feeds the flame. the flame drives the lust. the lust is the sin. the sin is the ecstasy.”

forbidden kisses, stolen in the study of a young girls home. her lover- a loving and loyal companion yet not hers. but she knew that the fire still burned for her within him as he left that night. as he rode off into the darkness, she could see his flame from miles away. would these flames ever die or would they burn for eternity, scarring the hearts of two lovers, a love never lived?


~ by jon.C on 6 January 2008.

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