keep speeding thru my head. thinking of u and me. wat we were supposed to be. the season only reminds me im not in your arms and that u are in the arms of one who cannot love u like i. loneliness is suffocating, surrounding, and controlling. i wish to get away. but ur arms are where i wish to lay. this day, u’ll see it my way. still change will be impossible. your arms have no room for me still. and my love’s only purpose is to kill me. thoughts speeding thru my head thinking of you and me; we… were supposed to be… WE… were too close to be… we were never meant to be ‘we’.

~ by jon.C on 27 December 2007.

One Response to “thoughts…”

  1. in your arms?i dont remember.holding your hand? in your arms?sounds amazing.

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