the Hallow X-mas – taking Christ out of christmas

its christmas eve. the day before christmas. families are gathering, children are laughing, mothers are cooking, fathers are assembling bikes, and last minute shoppers are pulling their hair out. all the signs of christmas are evry where.

and for yet another year, the magic of christmas is gone from my heart. call me a scrooge but i find no joy in the christmas season. it has become a joke. wat was once a sacred holiday meant to glorify our Savior has become a commercial festival used to ring every last dollar out of our pockets. it has been so defiled that even those who dont believe in Jesus celebrate christmas and are offended when u propose that its a celebration of His birth. Could u imagine the uproar there would be if we tried to do the same to a muslim holiday like Ramadan, or a jewish holiday like Passover or Hanukkah. yet we stand by and watch a fat white guy in a red suit push Christ out of the spot light on HIS OWN BIRTHDAY!!!! yes i kno Jesus wasnt actually born on Dec 25th, the point is thats the day we wish to commemorate His birth. so leave it alone. pleez.


~ by jon.C on 24 December 2007.

One Response to “the Hallow X-mas – taking Christ out of christmas”

  1. i havent gotten joy out of Christmas in a long time. :[

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