jon.C 101

i kno… u don’t know who i am or wat i want with ur time. that’s obvious… and if u get past the third line of this blog, its a miracle.

im jonjon.C. yes i know i put the period before the ‘C’… i do that… its my name. anyways… im 17 yo. i’ve waited my whole life for jan. 4th, 2008, and now that its nearly hear i couldnt be any more unimpressed.

i live in las vegas. im usually working [graphic design] or drawing [comics] or eating [anything] or sleeping… ps. halo 3 kicks ass.

by now u may hav noticed that there is nothing rather spectacular about me. well never judge a book by its cover… especially if the author did the cover. i pray u’ll stick around and take a peek at my blog every now-and-again. u might find something thought provoking… or touching… or infuriating… who knows? i might just change ur life.

ps. [again]… all feedback is welcome… whether u agree, disagree, or just plain dont give a shit. thanx


~ by jon.C on 30 November 2007.

2 Responses to “jon.C 101”

  1. “i might just change ur life.”

    i know for DAMN sure you’ve changed mine for the better. :]

  2. .changed my have my heart now.always.

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